Letters To Loved Ones

Whether it is a holiday, anniversary, special occasion, or you are just missing a loved one who has died, the simple act of writing them a letter can often bring comfort during a difficult time.

McAdam’s Funeral Home is pleased to introduce our Letters To Loved Ones program and invites you to write a letter or card and drop it into our special secure letter box in the M. Joyce Perry Memorial Garden found on the Brunswick Street side of our building. 

Your letters will remain safe and private. They will not be opened and no one will read what you write, leaving you free to express your thoughts and feelings, secure in the knowledge they will be kept confidential. This is an opportunity to express the things you wish you could have said, want to say now, or just to tell your loved one how things are going.

Our staff will regularly gather the letters that have accumulated in the locked mailbox and hold them for safekeeping until the spring. Once a year, all of the letters we gather will be burned and the ashes ceremonially scattered in our memorial garden symbolically releasing your messages of love to those you've lost. We will announce the date of our scattering ceremony here on our website and at the funeral home in advance, and welcome you to join us. 

We hope you will  return to this place of remembrance any time you need, and take a moment to hold your loved one in your heart as you reflect on the time you spent together. If their final resting place is inaccessible, please use this place, where your letters are scattered, to be close to their memory.

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of when or where their loved one died or where services took place.

It is our hope this program will offer comfort and peace to those who may, from time to time, struggle with a loss.

We welcome your questions.