Claudine Orser-Nowlan
Claudine Orser-Nowlan
Claudine Orser-Nowlan
Claudine Orser-Nowlan
Claudine Orser-Nowlan
Claudine Orser-Nowlan


Donations in Claudine's memory may be made to the Fredericton SPCA

Obituary of Claudine Pearle Orser-Nowlan

Claudine Pearle Orser-Nowlan died on May 8, 2024, just a little shy of her 92nd birthday. She did not go peacefully, she fought for every breath until the last. She had, unfortunately, been quite ill for some time. She was predeceased by her husband, Alden, her siblings Hedley, Perley (Doris), John, Grace (Herbie), and one other. She is survived by her son Johnny, and several nieces and nephews.  

Claudine was born in a three-room apartment over a potato house. She was the first person in her family to graduate from high school and attend post-secondary. She dropped out of nursing school when she became pregnant with her son. There was a great deal more stigma attached to being a single parent in the 1950s than now; which did not deter her in the least. She looked after her boy.  

Claudine worked at a variety of jobs over the years from linotype operator to day care worker. Upon retirement she was an active volunteer for various non-profits. She was also an avid reader, walker, gardener and an unapologetic cat lover.   

Claudine was often underestimated as she was shy and not particularly forceful (unless provoked). She also suffered from the family curse of severe anxiety, which did not help in social situations. Over the years she provided comfort and solace, and food and shelter to a wide assortment of people who passed through the house on Windsor St. Often, when the merriment ended, she was left with the clean-up duties.  

Until her early 80s Claudine's quality of life was relatively high. She walked regularly and lived a largely independent life then things started to slip. She suffered from an array of health issues from those that were life threatening to those that were just uncomfortable and annoying. It seemed as soon as one settled another would crop up. It made her daily life a struggle.  

Claudine approached her death like I think most of us do with a mixture of fear, anger, and resignation, but towards the end she was almost happy that she would soon be free from pain and worry.  

Claudine was cremated. At her request no services will be held.   

May her memory be a blessing.  

Special thanks to Dr. Ruest and Carolee; Dr. Taylor and Karlie; the staff of Extra-Mural, Fredericton North Side, particularly Rebecca, Karen and Rhea; the pharmacists and staff of the North Side Walmart, a very special group of people; and to Brenda, Lawrence, Melanie and JC. And a special salute to the nurses and LPN's of 4SW at the DECH who made a very difficult day and night a little easier.  

 A donation to the Fredericton SPCA on Claudine's behalf would be appreciated. 

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