Christopher  Charles

Obituary of Christopher Michael Charles

Christopher Michael Charles was known to all who loved and knew him as Chris. A kind loving man with a heart of gold! He was a man of morals, strength and of beauty. His beauty was to see greatness in everyone. He helped the sick in the 1980s, when many would not, he nourished and fed those in need, although he himself had little when he came to Canada from England at the age of 21.

In 1956, he made a life in the auto industry as being the Morgan BMW auto importer/dealer for Canada. He also loved sports cars, was a race car driver, and a wonderful partner, friend and colleague to many over the years. He has given much to the world, and helped so many that it can't be measured.

He has lived a long and beautiful life. Although he has seen pain and sorrow, he chose always to see the beauty in every human being and life's events. All the lives he touched, and all who knew him, can say that their lives are richer and better and were blessed by knowing Chris, our friend, our mentor, our guiding light.

We wish you Chris, great joy, peace and love in the other life! We are saddened and heartbroken by your passing, but you died doing what you loved, driving a car!

Phong would like to say thank-you for all the ones who have reached out with words of care and comfort, during this difficult time.

God bless you! We thank you for the love and joy you brought in our lives.
You will be greatly missed!

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